Grand prize

Net & Life

Description: A group of woman are moving with their net to catch fish from the river at Batiaghata under Khulna

Name: Md Masudur Rahaman

Location: Batiaghata

Thriving Economy and Water

1st Prize

Life under the raindrop

Description: Life has different dimensions in different spaces. This photo is taken from one of the oldest tea state of Bangladesh named Malnichara tea state where their life is weather sealed. Rain, flood, hot weather can’t stop them from working.

Name: Partha Banik

Location: Sylhet, Bangladesh

2nd Prize

Karnafuli river

Description: N/A

Name: Pinu Rahman

Location: Karnafuli river, Bangladesh

3rd Prize

Harvesting golden fiver

Description: Every year many people harvesting golden fiver proccesing in water.

Name: Ashraful Islam

Location: Sirajgong

Inspiring People and Water

1st Prize

Traditional raft race

Description: Water is the biggest source of people’s enjoyment of Bangladesh. Here traditional raft race is running where villagers are watching and enjoying at the embankment of the small water channel. The cultural value of water is immense to the people of Bangladesh especially for rural people.

Name: Md Masudur Rahaman

Location: Batiaghata under Khulna district

2nd Prize

Dedication for education

Description: The picture indicates the improved awareness among the guardians of remote areas of Bangladesh. It is clearly visible that heavy monsoon has failed to refrain children from going their school. Both male and female students are dedicated for the schooling.

Name: Fuad Hasan Parag

Location: Kompaniganj, Sylhet

3rd Prize

Getting Clean

Description: Rahmat Chancha, his home on the banks of the Brahmaputra, a clean cool bath before opening a tea shop on the banks of the river, as if to provide a day’s work. Bathing in the clear water of the river keeps his mind cool and clean all day long.

Name: Md. Ruhul Farid

Location: Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Living Land and Water

1st Prize

Lands and River

Description: High tide and low tide area fishing small boy

Name: Asharaful Islam

Location: Chairmain ghat , Noakhali

2nd Prize

Lives for each other, Never will be together!

Description: River and Sky pulls the nature cycle together with thriving beauty, but they cannot meet to make this living nature!

Name: Thahnan Ferdous

Location: Sunamgonj, Bangladesh

3rd Prize

Swimming deep

Description: A young fisherman is swimming in the deep water full of chrarophyta (freshwater algae) at Sirajgang District in Bangladesh.

Name: Anindita Roy

Location: Sirajganj, Bangladesh